Monday, July 13, 2009

What the hell?

So, things are tuff in S.A right now with everything going up, and the Pharmaceutical companies are busy making a fortune on blood pressure pills. WTF?

I am really trying to see the light...(That naturally depends on Eskom)
People are really leaning their hopes on 2010 but what concerns me is the fact that all that business that will be coming in, for let's face it, no more than a month is simply not going to sustain it self. We can't possibly run wild with possibility on this one - Not in the long term that is. Fine, have a jol when Fifa kicks its soccer ball of opportunity onto our shores, what a blast. But to invest thousands if not millions on a business venture while we are going through a world wide credit crunch - that is daunting.
Small-small, baby steps. Don't create more dept for yourselves. Just think before you take a leap into a territory that might make you pay for the rest of your life. Don't stop living and don't stop yourself from jumping in the deep end, just plan it properly.

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  1. Couldn't agree more T. As for the sustainability of the stadiums which have cost billions to built. Big bloody black elephants! The first thing that'll happen after the finals will be that they'll get looted. All that fancy technology installed to Fifa's specifications will get stolen - all the computers, cabling (it's a copper thief's Utopia!), etc. The stuff will never get replaced so they'll be less attractive venues to hire. And as for moving WP to Green Point and the Sharks away from ABSA stadium...? WTF were/are they thinking??? *sigh*
    The very sad part is that the original bid to Fifa didn't include all these new stadiums, it just included upgrades to existing stadiums. So who was it that decided to spend so much of the taxpayer's money on these things anyway?
    Insanity. I mean really, who are they trying to impress? The world? Africa is already receiving WAY too many hand outs - it really doesn't need any more!!! But that's a whole other story...